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Okay this is not really a link to comic babes in comic form. It’s a link to to comic babes as presented in live action. Live action!!! Fuck yeah. You can’t always get a perfect match, but in the end does it have to be perfect? If you could hit it you would, no fucking complaints so put your score cards away because her hair isn’t red enough, she isn’t tall enough or her nose does crook just right. These women are fucking hot and got me loaded. Wow, that was crude. Hell yeah it was!!!!





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I’ve taken a long hiatus on comics. I used to be a huge fan of them. I remember my first few comics back in the day and I remember when the X-men weren’t a cliché, Moon Knight only ran a handful of issues and Shi was the hottest bad ass alive.

I also remember when HellBlazer and Sandman were new to me. Seems like a long, long time ago, but it really wasn’t.

So, here I am wanting to venture out into comic land again. Seems like I’m heading back to old standbys. I want something new and hot, but I’m buying shit just for the covers. I have how many “Tarot” comics right now…..yeah, I bought the Jenna Jameson ones, too. I purchased “Old Man Logan”, but haven’t read it yet.

I don’t know man. I don’t know if getting back into comics is what I really want or need. Maybe I should make them? I can write…

Any fucking way, here are some things I was looking at today:

Moon Knight



I dunno. Maybe it’s a good restart to get back into my perceived classics.
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There’s a hot chick near my office building who has taken to sending me e-mails. She’s sweet and I’d fuck her if I weren’t with someone. She is Mexican/Japanese/White. Very fucking pretty and I know she’d be a wild lay, but the girl is racist.

She doesn’t see that she is. Fine, you don’t believe in immigration. You think Obama is gonna take your guns away. You’re afraid that the liberals have taken over. More power to you for your political views, but while you’re saying all this and sending me all this crap you are putting down Mexicans and Blacks.

The irony is she thinks that she’s in the white club. She thinks that the KKK is gonna open up their arms and take her in. The last I heard they will take you in, only if your kids will look white. Her’s might, but man she doesn’t look white at all. She looks Mexican. She has the style of dress, the color of hair, the tone of skin, everything that says one of my parents is Mexican is right there on her face and fuck me if she thinks she’s privileged because she is half white.

I’m fucking half white and I know exactly what people see when they see me. They do not see a half white boy, they see a fucking half-Asian. Why this girl or how this girl fooled herself is beyond me and why she thinks she’s not in the club she’s telling to go to hell is beyond me.

I would tell her this, but I’m doing what I always do. I’m keeping the door open just in case I break up with my girls and I want to get laid. I’ve been telling myself it isn’t worth it, but Jesus Christ this girl is hot. I don’t have to listen to her talk. Hell, I doubt she even knows what she is saying half the time.

I’ll probably never touch the girl. I’ve got my three and it’s going really well. The Poly has worked out and so far so fucking good. I’m not going to trash that for one night with a girl I’d smack in the head if I didn’t want to fuck her.


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